Democracy rules in these great United States of America. That means all of our opinions matter, from how much UGGS have changed our life to why we are certain Obama is a terrorist. To focus these highly important opinions into laws that reflect our societal needs, we allow officials to represent us. We elect our president, our congressmen, our senators, our judges – to no avail. Interest groups hijack the system and press ready made laws into the palms of legislators at fancy fundraisers. The NRA, for example, has been so effective in getting legislation passed that many legislators are convinced their election is based solely on their view of gun control. Interest groups claim memberships of thousands of members, yet only truly represent those with enough money and time to speak louder. The most horrifying aspect is that since so many interest groups are in direct opposition of each other, continuing to let them have a major influence will only lead to our government being unable to accomplish anything at all for fear of stepping on some major campaign-funding, uni-interest group’s toes.Image